Basket Full of Roving


All the wool roving from Maggie's Farm has come from my Lincoln and Lincoln x CVM sheep. The sheep are coated throughout the year with the coats being resized as needed. We shear our sheep twice a year. They are sheared in early spring and again in the fall. Each fleece is heavily skirted before it is cleaned and carded and turned into some of the most wonderful roving you may ever spin. Our palette of naturals includes; the purest whites, pewters, medium gray heathers, dark charcoal heathers, and black. Because my sheep wear coats, the fleece tips are not weathered. On a black sheep this means the wool is dark for the entire staple length. This consistent coloration makes a remarkably dark roving from my black sheep.

Aran Roving

  • Swatch of Aran RovingSwatch of Aran Roving

Aran is a Lincoln x CVM ewe. Her snow white roving has both luster and softness. This roving lends itself to dyeing, but makes a gorgeous white yarn also. Very clean and a joy to spin.

$24.00 / Pound

Blossom Roving

  • Swatch of Blossom RovingSwatch of Blossom Roving

Blossom is also a Lincoln x CVM ewe. Her roving is a beautiful pewter shade. Yarn spun from Blossom's roving has great depth of color.

$24.00 / Pound

Alfalfa Roving

  • Swatch of Alfalfa RovingSwatch of Alfalfa Roving

Alfalfa is a wether in my flock. He and Aran are twins. The roving made from Alfalfa's fleece has a soft hand and because of his CVM breeding exhibits beautiful, blended variegation. I love spinning 2 - ply yarns from this roving.

$24.00 / Pound

Black Angel Roving

  • Swatch of Black Angel RovingSwatch of Black Angel Roving

Black Angel is a Lincoln ewe. Roving from her wool is soft and lustrous and spins up very quickly. It is a deep charcoal heather beautiful!

$24.00 / Pound

Anise Roving

  • Swatch of Anise RovingSwatch of Anise Roving

Anise is a Lincoln ewe. Her roving has the softest, tightest crimp of any of my wools. The color is dark, dark, chocolate. Her shorter, finer staple is a little slower spin but her exceptional color makes the effort worthwhile.

$24.00 / Pound
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