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About the Farm

Maggie's Farm is home to a handspinner's flock of Lincoln and Lincoln cross sheep. As a spinner, weaver, knitter and dyer for over 25 years it seemed a natural progression to shepherd my own flock. It has been a decision I have never regretted and become more and more passionate about with each year. These animals are a joy to care for and their contribution to the farm and my craft is beyond measure. Each day allows me new insights in to the world of these gentle creatures.

As an organic farmer the husbandry of my animals has also followed organic standards. This means no chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used on pasture lands. The sheep are not chemically wormed. Rather, a system using pasture rotation coupled with free-choice mineral mix with diatomaceous earth is offered as a mechanical wormer. And garlic, a staple crop at Maggie's Farm is given the sheep on a regular basis. The sheep have become connoisseurs of the many varieties of garlic grown here. They anxiously await its harvest each summer.

The fleeces produced by these animals are a direct result of their care. Good nutrition, always available clean water, chemical-free pasture, sheltering barn with clean bedding and the use of protective coats contributes to an exceptional fleece for the handspinner.


Barbara Clark, Shepherdess
Maggie's Farm

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