The Homecoming

Welcome to Maggie's Farm

Maggie's Farm is located in the Central Plains, just north of Lawrence, Kansas. The Kansas River or the "Kaw" bisects rich, rolling farm lands. Tall Cottonwood trees line the river's banks, affording nesting habitat for Bald Eagles. The surrounding tallgrass prairie landscape is one of subtle and ever changing beauty. It is in the midst of the Big and Little Bluestem, Gama Grass, Indian Grass, Switch and Prairie Cord Grasses that the sheep of Maggie's Farm graze.

Maggie's Farm is home to a handspinner's flock of Lincoln x CVM sheep. These pampered, yet diligent sheep produce a broad pallet of beautiful wools. The purest white, silver, medium gray heather, dark charcoal gray heather, and gorgeous dark chocolate brown are a few of the favorites for handspinners.

The sheep are coated throughout the year. Coats serve several functions. Primarily they keep the fleece free of hay, grass seeds, and dirt. They also keep colored sheep cooler in the summer and keep the wool tips of dark fleeces from bleaching out. Coats that are maintained and well sized are a great asset to wool production and do not irritate the sheep.

We shear twice a year. Lincoln x CVMs produce a long wool. If left for an entire season, staple length can exceed 10 inches. In my opinion, animals are less stressed, fleece quality is better, and the staple length for handspinning is ideal when there is a fall and spring shearing. We are very fortunate to have a third generation shearer who is wonderful with the animals and gives us a premium "clip". So, this great renewable resource of wool is always in some stage of production here.

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